JUNE 18–22, 2017

Dr. Sofia Vallecorsa

Scientific Associate, CERN

Dr. Sofia Vallecorsa holds a PhD in Physics and has extensive experience in software development in the field of High Energy Physics. Following the Ph.D., she held several research positions at the Israel Institute of Technology and University of Geneva, being responsible for the development of a muon reconstruction algorithm within the ATLAS collaboration. She worked also on statistical analysis of experimental data both for ATLAS and IceCube experiments. Invited speaker to several conferences and workshops, she has significant lecture teaching and student supervision experience. She is currently a CERN Scientific Associate at CERN, working on the optimisation of the Geant V software toolkit prototype in terms of scalability on modern architectures through the exploitation of efficient parallelism and massive parallel processing techniques

Presenter at: Project Posters Presentation
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 03:15 pm - 03:45 pm
  (PP22) GeantV: Designing the Future of Particle Transport Simulation for HEP
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 03:15 pm - 03:45 pm