JUNE 18–22, 2017

Dr. Peter Bauer

Deputy Director of Research, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Dr Peter Bauer, a German national, is the deputy director of research at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) in Reading, UK. He obtained his masters and PhD degrees in meteorology from the universities in Cologne and Hamburg, respectively. Before joining ECMWF, he was leading a research team working on satellite meteorology at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). His background covers physical modelling, data assimilation and satellite remote sensing. During his career, he was awarded research fellowships by UCAR and DLR to work at NOAA and NASA in the US and at IPSL in France. He is the author and co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers and book chapters and a member of several international scientific advisory committees for DWD, WMO, ESA, and EUMETSAT. At ECMWF, his current duties include the management of the recently launched Scalability Programme, he coordinates the Horizon 2020 project Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale (ESCAPE) and co-coordinates the Horizon 2020 centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE).

Keynoter at: Tuesday Keynote
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 05:15 pm - 06:00 pm
  Forecasting the Future Role of HPC in Weather & Climate Prediction
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 05:15 pm - 06:00 pm