JUNE 18–22, 2017

Presentation Details

Name: Pushing the Frontiers of Deep Learning
Time: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
04:15 pm - 04:45 pm
Room:   Panorama 3 – DEEP LEARNING DAY
Messe Frankfurt
Breaks:04:45 pm - 05:15 pm Coffee Break
Speaker:   Steve Scott, Cray
Abstract:   Deep Learning has the potential to be highly transformative to society. Data volumes are continuing to grow at a high exponential rate, and the Deep Learning community has shown that greater machine intelligence requires larger, more complex models. Both these trends will continue to drive the need for larger and more capable Deep Learning training systems. Models with billions of weights and well over a hundred layers already exist. Deep Learning is applied far beyond motorways and self-driving cars. It’s in facial recognition, robots sorting mail, supply-chain optimization, and aiding in the search for oil and gas, to name just a few applications. Join Cray SVP and CTO, Steve Scott, for a discussion on the frontiers of Deep Learning and Cray’s mission to continue to advance the world’s Deep Learning capabilities by doing what it’s always done: designing hardware and software to solve the most challenging problems, pushing the boundaries on what is achievable.