JUNE 18–22, 2017

Session Details

Name: BoF 25: HPC in School Education
Time: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
03:45 pm - 04:45 pm
Room:   Substanz 1+2  
Breaks:04:45 pm - 05:15 pm Coffee Break
Speaker:   Martin Frank, RWTH Aachen University
  Jörg Hilpert, University of Stuttgart
  Olaf Schneider, KIT
  Adam Simpson, ORNL
Abstract:   HPC technology provide us with tremendous opportunities affecting many parts of daily life as well as the future of mankind. However, there is a striking gap between the importance and public recognition of methods like mathematical modeling, computer science and simulation techniques. Computer-based predictions make their way into the media from time to time, but rarely a deeper discussion of both, the opportunities and risks in using it, takes place. Moreover, the huge financial investments into HPC centers are justified only by the results obtained from the applications using HPC devices. Thus, there is a clear need for dissemination and outreach activities to make scientific HPC more known to the general public. We prefer to focus on students in secondary schools as target audience. This is justified by several arguments: first, adolescents learn more rapidly and are open minded for new insights. Second, to comprehend the complex interrelationships in a networked world basic knowledge in simulation is necessary and should be part of the curricula in secondary schools. Third, children influence their parents and other family members. Moreover, today’s students will become the adults and parents of tomorrow. Thus, teaching students about the impact of HPC will in the long term spread into the whole society. The BoF brings together managers and outreach experts from HPC centers to share experiences in dissemination activities aiming at pupils and schools.

Targeted Audience
The targeted audience are managers, outreach experts and other staff of HPC centers, who want to share and discuss experiences in dissemination activities focusing on pupils and schools.