Exhibitor Tips

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at ISC 2017. You have booked a booth space and now we would like to support you in your preparation for the show. We have put together a few tips to help you accomplish your goals and make the best out of your time exhibiting. With about 3000 attendees and the hall full of exhibitors, we would like to make sure you are well equipped to stand out in the crowd, drive traffic to YOUR booth and attract attention to YOUR brand. Some of the tools are already included in your packages and some can be purchased in addition. You will also find some recommendations for pre-event and onsite activities.

Publicize your presence in advance

Exhibitor profile
Every exhibitor is listed on our website and in the exhibitor directory of the ISC 2017 Conference and Exhibition Guide, distributed onsite. Attendees will also prepare in advance, researching the organizations they can meet during the three days of exhibition. Entering your company profile as early as possible will increase your chances of getting on their agenda. During the event, attendees will be using the exhibitor directory together with the floor plan to orient themselves in the hall and to select exhibitors to visit. Choosing an up-to-date text appealing to your target audience will guide the right visitors to your booth.

Furthermore, members of the press will decide which booths to visit based on the information provided in the exhibitor profile and exhibitor highlights. Only those who submit their information by the deadline will be considered in the ISC 2017 press tour selection process. (Only Platinum sponsors are guaranteed a press tour slot. Exhibitors selected to participate in the tour will be notified individually in advance. No exhibitor proposals will be accepted for the press tour selection process.)

Log in now to enter your profile if you haven’t done it yet! (Deadline for exhibitors and sponsors: March 31, 2017. Deadline for co-exhibitors: May 2, 2017).

Exhibitor highlights
In addition to the profile, you are able to inform everyone about specific activities you plan for ISC 2017.  For example: products, services and projects you will be presenting, demonstrations you will be running, exclusive chances to meet your company’s specialists and gurus at your stand. Even if our attendees are already familiar with your company, they might still decide to visit your booth to learn more. Let them know in advance if you have something new to share!

Product demonstrations announced in advance are a good way to draw a crowd.

Remember that international HPC press will also be using the exhibitor listing and highlights to select organizations to meet at ISC 2017.

Your contacts
One of the common goals of exhibiting at ISC High Performance is to maintain relationships with current clients, partners, suppliers, the presss, analysts and industry peers. Make sure they know you exhibit this year: advertise your participation on your website and in your newsletters, do not forget to include ISC 2017 in your event listing, send out invitations, media alerts and include ISC 2017 dates and your booth number in your email signature. Spread the word at other industry events about your participation in ISC 2017 and what you plan to present there.

We are happy to provide you with our logo to design your message. Logos are available here.

Social Media
Create online buzz. Use your social media accounts to spread the word to your followers, e.g. by utilizing our photo banners and the hashtag #ISC17. ISC High Performance followers will be monitoring our own TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn channels to learn about show updates and news before the event, and to look for pictures, videos and other information they might have missed after the event. Share your success with the online ISC HPC community.

Advertising on the ISC High Performance website
Along with the exhibitor profile and highlights in the sponsor/exhibitor listing, you have an opportunity to catch everyone’s attention by placing an advert at the top of a page of your choice on our website. You can be the first exhibitor our attendees virtually meet when they register for the event, browse the program or check the homepage for updates before the event. Click here for more details.

Increase your brand exposure onsite
Extend your brand exposure to over 3000 attendees from three (3) days in the hall, to four (4) days throughout the entire conference venue. We have carefully selected advertisement spaces in the congress center that provide 100 percent contact with your brand. Whether attendees are heading to the registration, sessions, meeting rooms or exhibition, your brand will be one of the first to be seen. Click here for more details.

Prepare to connect with press and analysts onsite
Check out our website for the list of media sponsors and press onsite. A few of them will have a booth at the exhibition hall (scroll through the exhibitor list to see who will have a booth). They will be happy to learn more about your organization, so please do not hesitate to stop by any of the media booths to introduce yourself proactively.

Prepare and plan your presence

Read the exhibitor manual and stick to deadlines
The exhibitor manual is full of valuable information to ensure a stress-free show. We have created a deadline checklist with the most important deadlines.

Order services ahead of time.  Meeting deadlines = savings. We are striving to be flexible and to be able to offer solutions to any last minute issues or ideas. However, some late orders may result in additional charges or we might simply be unable to provide you with a service or to deliver on one of the items included in your package after a deadline (e.g. we cannot include your advert or your profile in the conference guide after it has been printed).

Plan and register your staff
Send enough people to ensure adequate trade show booth coverage throughout the event to keep your booth manned at all times. You don’t want interested visitors to find your booth empty and with no one to talk to. Register your staff and guests in advance to ensure faster check in. If you run out of free passes included in your package, you can still save by registering additional people with the early bird fee. Click here for more information.

Plan to generate leads
If you don’t want to deal with hundreds of business cards you’ll collect at your booth during ISC 2017, we recommend ordering Zeta Leads.  This allows you to simply scan your visitors’ badges and follow up on leads efficiently. Click here for more information.

Make your booth a place where people want to hang out
Déco­­­­r matters! If you ordered a standard booth shell scheme, you might want to think about making it stand out among other similar-sized booths. For example, large video monitors or flashy images help attract attention.  Additionally, extraordinary giveaways, raffles and contests help bring more people to your booth.

Plan your time
Check the exhibition schedule in advance to plan your time onsite, as well as your booth build up and dismantle time.  Check the ISC 2017 conference program to see if you want to attend any talks, sessions, and contributions. Some are already included in your exhibition pass, for others you would need to purchase an additional pass.

ISC 2017 Newsletter 
We will be sending you individual reminders about upcoming deadlines and additional services or opportunities concerning the exhibition. We also sign up all exhibitors for the ISC Newsletter where you can learn about what else will be going on during the event (conference program, networking events, interviews, travel tips and other information).

If you missed any of the recent newsletters, they are available here.

Once you are onsite

Final touch
Finish decorating and setting up your booth space before the show starts and visit your booth as an attendee would. Take the time to familiarize your team with the lead collection technology you’ll be using before the show. If you need any support with your booth, lead retrieval, or printing, please visit our Exhibitor Services booth (#M-100).

Work your booth
Talk to a prospect before scanning their badges. ISC High Performance attracts a diverse crowd with different interests. Let your technical team talk to visitors interested in technical specifications. Not every single person who will be passing by your booth has direct purchasing power, but they might be able to influence a decision or to advise senior colleagues to stop by your booth later.

Stay hydrated as you will be talking a lot! We provide soft drinks and coffee at the catering islands. Lunch will be served in the large catering areas in the back of the exhibition hall. 

Meetings and networking
If you haven’t booked a whisper suite or a meeting room, we provide plenty of seating in the exhibition hall.  Catering zones will transform into networking areas and we encourage you to use those tables and chairs for your spontaneous meetings if you prefer to have a conversation outside of your booth space.  Please see the floor plan for details.

Vendors will also be organizing parties during ISC 2017, so stay tuned for invitations and announcements.