Standing Banners

Platinum and Gold Sponsors can place their banners ((h) 218 cm x (w) 85 cm) as follows.

1 banner in the main lecture hall ("Panorama" rooms in the Forum)
1 banner in the entrance hall (Hall 3.0)
1 banner at the VIP Reception (Forum)

1 banner in the entrance hall (Hall 3.0)

Collection & Notification
The collection and organizing of banners will be managed by Schenker. Please contact Ms. Nicole Peters at if you have any questions.

Production & Ordering
cubicworx GmbH offers banner production services, delivery to the event center included. If you need assistance and would like to order, please contact Ms. Kristin Kremer at +49 351 407 52255 or via email

If not produced by cubicworx, the banners are to be produced by the sponsors and delivered to below address. If you need any assistance, please contact Ms. Nicole Peters at +49 511 87005 400 or via email at

Schenker Deutschland AG 
c/o ISC 2017
Karlsruher Str. 10
30519 Hannover
c/o Name of Exhibitor + “BANNER”

May 19, 2017: order deadline cubicworx
June 12, 2017: delivery deadline to Schenker warehouse

On-site handling
Build-up & Placement If you personally deliver your banner to the exhibition venue, please make sure that your company's standing banner is received at the Schenker booth #M-100 no later than Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 12:00pm for build-up and placement.

Dismantling & Shipping - Please note that your company's standing banner will be available for pick up from the Schenker booth #M-100 on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 after 6:30pm for you to pack up with your freight. Return delivery to your booth is available upon request.